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Bubble Ballroom Furniture Room Mesh

The bubble ballroom is inspired by the hallucination of a girl sucked into the surreal world of the goblin king. A Fantasy Ball within a floating bubble where the rules of time and physics don't necessarily apply.

Bubble Ballroom Mesh ID 8582276
Includes Dramatic Embedded Lighting: best seen with mid to low ambient lighting settings.

Here are your Maps!

P00-M00 Floor Trim, UV MAP, Seamless on sides

P00-M01 Main Floor, Use Tiling Seamless Texture

P00-M02 Large Round Platforms
P00-M03 Smaller Round Platforms
P00-M04 All Platforms Undersides
Shared UV MAP

P00-M05 Bubble under the Main Platform, Use Tiling Seamless Texture

P00-M06 Step Trim, Use a rectangular Texture, Seamless on sides

P00-M07 Step Tops
P00-M08 Steps Underside
Shared UV MAP

P00-M09 Steps Base, UV MAP

P00-M10 Top, UV MAP

P00-M11 Detail, UV MAP

P00-M12 Bottom, UV MAP

P01-M13 Ceiling Detail, UV MAP

P01-M14 Ceiling Fill, Use Tiling Seamless Texture

P01-M15 Dome Backdrop, Use a 256 x 512 Texture that is Seamless on sides

P01-M16 Bubble or Mist Layer 1, Use Tiling Seamless Texture

P01-M17 Bubble or Mist Layer 2, Use Tiling Seamless Texture


Happy Deriving!!!!


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