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Cliff top Castle Room Mesh

Cliff top Castle Mesh ID 11486444
Includes Embedded Lighting: Teal and Purple Lights, best used for dramatic lighting effects.

Cliff top Castle Mesh NO COLOR ID 11486994
Same as above but no embedded lighting.

A cliff top castile, loosely inspired by Bran Castle in Transylvania. Designed for the RPer in mind.

The outer walls and hills on this mesh uses vertex shading, if you want shading check the vetex setting. If you don't like the shadowed look this creates just uncheck the vertex setting on the these textures and your texture will render true.

Castle Floor Plans: Feel free to use these floor plan images on complementary products or on your product page descriptions. Of course feel free to re envisions the room however you wish!


Here are your maps!

Mesh 0 Castle Build

M00 Outside Walls

M01 Outside walls top trim

M02 Inside Walls

M03 Inside Walls Tall

M04 Inside Walls Base Trim

M05 Inside Walls Top Trim

M06 Cell Walls

M07 Prison Walls

M08 Kitchen Walls

P00-M10 Courtyard Base Trim

Mesh 01 Castle Floors

M00 Courtyard

M01 Steps Map

M02 Fill (used on odds and ends, can reuse a wall texture here)

M03 Floor Main

M04 Floor Boarder

M05 Floor Corner

M06 Prison Floor

M07 Cell Floor

M08 Floor 2 (second floor in keep)

M09 Balconies MAP

M10 Front Steps MAP

M11 Front Step Rail MAP

M19 Blackout, (just leave this as is, it just makes the mesh cleaner when cameraing)


Mesh 02 Castle Trims

M00 Door and Window Arches and Frames MAP

M01 Column

M02 Metal 1

M03 Metal 2

M05 Door

M06 Post

M07 Rail


Mesh 03 Castle Roofs

M00 Flat Roofs

M01 Cornice Corners MAP

M02 Roof Tops

M03 Cornice Run MAP

M04 Roof Trim

M05 Ceilings


Mesh 04 Dome

M00 Flat Plane (can be a moon, sun or anything you can imagine or just opacity it away if you don't want it.)

M01 Fog 1, First layer of fog, Texture Provided

M02 Fog 1, Second layer of fog, Texture Provided

M03 Hills

M04 Cliff

M05 Dome



Happy Deriving!!!!


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