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Period Style Soft Sole Leather Shoe Meshes!



Note: This mesh uses Vertex Shading. If you do not need the pre-shaded effect just un-check the vertex tick box on each material.

Here are your maps!

M00 Toe and Studs

M01 Heel and Ties

M02 Sole

M03 Lining

M04 Socks.

UV Map, Opacity map (if shorter socks are desired) as well as a pre made shadow layer (set layer to darken or multiply) if you wish to add that detail to your textures.

If you don't want socks use a small all black image (can be 2x2) for your texture and opacity map to remove them.

Maps for FEMALE Version

Maps for MALE Version

M07 Default Skin MALE Version (Do Not Alter!)
M08 Default Skin FEMALE Version (Do Not Alter!)

Happy Deriving!!!!


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