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Underdark Furniture Room Mesh

The Underdark. An expansive cave environment. Multiple areas for decorating. Designed for the RPer in mind.

The water on this mesh uses vertex shading, if you want shadding check the vetex setting. If you don't like the shadowed look this creates just uncheck the vertex setting on the waters texture and your texture will render true.

Underdark Mesh ID 7515606  Derive me!
Includes Embedded Lighting: Teal and Purple Lights, best used for dramatic lighting effects.


P00-M00 Rock, Seamless (should match your wall texture)

P00-M01 Cave Walls, Seamless on Sides

P00-M02 Bog Rock, Seamless

P00-M03 Outlands Rock, Seamless (rock floor in the distance)

P00-M04 Flats, Seamless

P00-M05 Flats Edging, Seamless (mapped so it can be same as flats)

P00-M06 Steps

P00-M07 Crevice, Seamless on Sides

P00-M08 Underwater, Seamless

P00-M09 Path (center band is the path top, top and bottom are the bridge edges.)

P00-M10 Circle

P00-M13 Water, Seamless (check vetex shading if you want to use the embedded shading.)


Room Layout Map, Feel free to use to make your own visitor maps to your room.


Happy Deriving!!!!


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