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Croft House Furniture Room Mesh
Croft Mesh ID 3903256  Derive me!

A Traditional Highland Croft Farm House set alongside a loch. The house has a main room, a sleeping room and a byre for keeping the critters close during those cold winters.

Here is your texture info and UVmaps!

P00-M00 Sky, Seamless on Sides

P00-M01 Water, Seamless

P00-M02 Hills, Seamless on Sides

P00-M03 Moor, Rocky areas closer to house, Seamless

P00-M04 Grass, Flat area around the house, Seamless

P00-M06 Dirt, Mounds right by house, Seamless

P00-M07 Clouds, A low hanging colud later, make the opacity all black if you don't want the clouds. Seamless

P01-M00 Rocks, Rocky area by the streams outlet

P02-M00 Outside, Walls Outer walls of house, Seamless on Sides

P02-M01 Inside Wall 1, Main room walls, Seamless on Sides

P02-M02 Inside Wall 2, Side Room walls, Seamless on Sides

P02-M03 Inside Wall 3, Byre Room Walls, Seamless on Sides

P02-M04 Floor 1, Main room floor, Seamless

P02-M05 Floor 2, Side room floor, Seamless

P02-M06 Floor 3, Byre room floor, Seamless

P02-M13 Stone Blocks, Stone detail around doors windows and stoops.

P03-M03 Wood Trim, Ceiling beams (UV MAP)

P03-M07 Ceiling, Underside of the ceiling, Seamless on Sides

P03-M08 Thatch, Top of the roof, Seamless on Sides

P04-M03 Door Front (UV MAP)
P04-M04 Door Back (UV MAP)
P04-M04 Door Byre (UV MAP)

P04-M10 Window Frame (UV MAP)

P04-M11 Window Glass (UV MAP)

P05-M00 Fireplace (UV MAP)

P05-M01 Peat and Ash, Peat logs and ash bellow (UV MAP)

P05-M02 Flicker, glow coming through ash and logs, Seamless

P05-M03 Flame
P05-M04 Flame (Uses same texture as above but with different a animation setting for randomeness)

P06-M00 Posts, Posts in Byre, Seamless on Sides

P06-M01 Byre, Pen Walls (UV MAP)

P05-M03 Hay, Straw Piles, Seamless

P007-000 Mystery, its a secret shhhhhhhhhhhh (UV MAP)


Happy Deriving!!!!

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