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River Room MESH

River Room ID13270655

River Room MESH with Amphitheater

This room has six animated nodes for placing furniture boats on that will make them slowly glide along the river. Use boats without built in animations for best results

-Type 'show' to freeze animation and see boat placement markers.
-Type 'hide' to restore animation.

This room uses vertex shading to add depth, if this conflicts with your design just un-check the vertex colors box on the materials.

This room mostly uses seamless textures, only a couple maps to help with the amphitheater

River Room Mesh 0

M00 Ground, Seamless

M01 Hills , Seamless

M02 Rock, Seamless

M14 Amphitheater Seats, Seamless on sides

M15 Amphitheater Boarder, Seamless on sides

M16 Amphitheater Floor, Seamless

M17 Amphitheater Dais Trim, Seamless on sides

M18 Amphitheater dais

M19 Amphitheater Foundation, Seamless on sides

M20 Amphitheater Steps

M21 Amphitheater Stage

Water Mesh 1

05, 06 River Layers, Seamless

07, 08, 09 Falls Layers, Seamless

10 Spray, Seamless

Dome Mesh 2

00 Sky

01 Clouds 1

02 Clouds 2

Marker Mesh

00 Markers


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