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Loft Furniture Room Mesh
Loft Mesh ID 4253076  Derive me! See what others have made!


Texture Info

P00-M00 Inside Wall 1, this is the main floors walls. (seamless on sides)

P00-M01 Column, this is the texture on the support columns. (seamless on sides)

P00-M02 Column Top, this is just a filler texture for the top on the columns, I just used black.

P00-M03 Floor 1, This is the floor for the main room, (seamless)

P00-M04 Step This is the rise of the step in the main room, (seamless on sides).

P00-M05 Ceiling This is the ceilings for both the main room and the basement, (seamless)

P00-M06 Window Wall, This is the wall parts of the window wall, (seamless on sides)

P00-M07 Window Frame 1 This is the outer frame of the windows.

P00-M08 Window Frame 2 This is the inner frames of the windows.

P00-M09 Window Glass

P00-M10 Beam This is the steel beams that go across the main room.

P00-M11 Trims, this is the metal brackets that hold up the beams as well as the exposed pipes.

P00-M12 Inside Wall 2 This is the basement wall texture. (seamless on sides)

P00-M13 Floor 2 This is the basement floor texture. (seamless)

P01-M00 Shaft This is the elevator shafts texture. (seamless)

P01-M01 Fill This is filler for the missing floors. I just used black here.

P01-M03 Door Track This is the track that the elevator doors run on. (seamless)

P01-M04 Buttons, Elevator Buttons.

P01-M05 Door Frame, Frame around the elevator door.

P02-M00 Door Upper, Top elevator door and floor numbers that are viewable inside the shaft.

P02-M01 Door Lower, Bottom elevator door.

P02-M02 Gate, Inner elevator gate. (you can reuse my chain link looking opacity if you like.)

P02-M03 Lift, Elevator Body.

P02-M04 Buttons, Elevator Buttons. (repeat of Buttons texture)

P02-M05 Bulb and Cable Bulb, inside of elevator as well as the power cables.

P02-M10 Door Glass, Small window in lower elevator doors.

P03-M00 Sky, Backdrop. (seamless on sides)

P03-M02 Hills Low Hill backdrop. (seamless)

P03-M05 Buildings 1
P03-M06 Buildings 2

P03-M07 Buildings 3

P03-M08 Buildings Tops

P03-M09 Blackout, this hides the buildings when zoomed out in the room so you only see them through the window.
P03-M10 Blackout, this hides the default grey background when zoomed out.


Happy Deriving!!!!

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