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Log Cabin Furniture Room Mesh

A Log Cabin getaway snuggled in rolling hills. Lots of nodes inside and out to customize your own environment.

Log Cabin Mesh ID 7337191  Derive me!
Includes Embedded Lighting: light glow from fireplace and a soft moonlight from above, best used for dramatic dusk or nighttime lighting effects.

Log Cabin Mesh, No Shadow ID 7344514  Derive me!
No Embedded lighting, best for bright rooms or rooms in which you want no lighting shadows.

Back Wall will automaticly drop away as you camera around the back of the cabin for a clear view inside.

Trigger Words to open and close the doors:



Here is your texture info and UVmaps!

Mesh01 the skydome

P00-M00 Snow1, The Ground and Hills, Seamless

P00-M01 Sky, Seamless on Sides

P00-M02 Clouds, A low hanging cloud later, make the opacity all black if you don't want the clouds, Seamless

Mesh01Log Structure

P01-M00 Inside Log and P01-M01 Outside Log, Sides Seamless on sides

P01-M02 Inside Log End and P01-M03 Outside Log End

P01-M05 Log Pole, the large support poles at front, Seamless on sides

Mesh02 the drop away back log wall, should be the the same textures as the log structure and foundation textures

P02-M00 Inside Log, Seamless on sides

P02-M01 Outside Log, Seamless on Sides

P02-M02 Inside Log End

P02-M03 Outside Log End

P02-M04 Roof

P02-M05 Roof Trim


Mesh03 Foundation and Roof

P03-M00 Floor

P03-M01 Ceiling

P03-M02 Inside Post, Seamless on sides

P03-M03 Inside Rail, Seamless on sides

P03-M04 Inside Stair

P03-M05 Deck

P03-M06 Deck Trim

P03-M07 Roof

P03-M08 Roof Trim

P03-M09 Outside Post, Seamless on sides

P03-M10 Outside Rail

P03-M11 Outside Stair, Seamless on sides

P03-M12 Foundation, Seamless on sides

P03-M13 Trim, the little bit of low wall between the lower room and upper room, Seamless on sides

Mesh04 Windows

P04-M00 Frame and P04-M00 Frame 2

P04-M00 Glass


Mesh05W Doors

P05-M00 Doors

P05-M04 Knob

P05-M05 Glass (shared with windows)


Mesh06 Fireplace I've provided some of the more complex textures here, feel fee to use them on your derives.

P06-M00 Fireplace

P06-M01 Mantel Support Log (can be same as inside post), Seamless on sides

P06-M02 Hearth

P06-M03 Firebox, bricks at back of fire

P06-M04 Mantel, Split log (can be same as inside step)

P06-M05 Fire Glow (provided)

P06-M06 Flame (provided)

P06-M07 Flame (provided) Shared with above with different animation settings.

P06-M08 Metal (provided)

P06-M09 Logs and Ash (provided)

P06-M12 Sparks (provided)


Happy Deriving!!!!

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