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Pub Furniture Room Mesh

Pub Mesh ID 12586890
Pub Mesh Reflective ID

M00 Walls Trim, Seamless on sides

M01 Walls Main Room

M02 Walls Main Room Narrow

M03 Walls Hall

M04 Walls Back Room

M05 Walls Bathrooms

M06 Columns

M07 Floor, Seamless

M09 Floor Bathroom

M10 Ceiling Beam Side

M11 Ceiling Beam Bottom Face

M12 Ceiling Accent

M13 Ceiling Field

M14 Bathroom Ceiling

M15 Front Window Glass

M16 Door Glass

M17 Door and Window Trim

M18 Front Doors and Door Handles

M19 Bathroom Doors

M21 Outside Trim

M22 Outside Column (same column map used above)

M23 Outside Sign Back

M24 Outside Wall Top

M25 Outside Wall Lower

M26 Sidewalk

M27 Entry Floor and Ceiling

M28 Blackout (recommended to keep as is) Screens view to just through windows.

M29 Blackout (recommended to keep as is) used on reflective version, hides the trick.


Happy Deriving!!!!


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