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Royal Chambers Furniture Room Mesh
Royal Chambers ID 4008169  Derive me!

Royal Chambers, as used in the Golden Royal Chambers Room and Golden Court Bundle

By request the Royal Chambers Mesh now comes in three lighting options...

Gold, for an amber candle lit feel, ID 4008169  Derive me!
, for eerie or magical dark rooms
ID 4693836  Derive me!
No Color
for those who don't want shadows
ID 4693848  Derive me!

Here is your texture info and UVmaps!

P00-M00 Floor 1, This is the main floor texture in all rooms, Seamless

P00-M01 Floor 2, This is the inlay in the center of the room

P00-M02 Floor 3, This is the inlay circle under the arches in the main room, Seamless on Sides

P00-M03 Floor 4, This is the inlay around the edge of the main room, Seamless on Sides

P00-M04 Step Rise, Face of the steps, Seamless on sides

P00-M05 Wall, This is the main wall texture, Seamless on Sides

P00-M06 Trim, Column Arch and Wall Trims, Seamless on Sides UV MAP

P00-M07 Ceiling, Flat Ceilings, Seamless

P00-M08 Dome, Domed Ceiling UV MAP

P01-M00 Arches P00-M06 Arches and Columns, Seamless on Sides UV MAP

P01-M01 Trim (reused from above)

P01-M02 Supports, Beams that hold up the dome.

Outer Rooms

P02-M00 Floor (reused from above)

P02-M01 Wall (reused from above)

P02-M02 Trim (reused from above)

P02-M03 Arches (reused from above)

P02-M04 Ceiling (reused from above)

P02-M05 Doors UV map

P02-M06 Door Trim UV MAP


P03-M00 Metal, Window Frame (also used on chandler)

P03-M01 Glass, UV Map

P03-M02 Sky, View From Windows, Seamless on sides


P04-M00 Metal (reused from above)

P04-M01 Detail Metalwork on Chandeliers, Seamless on sides

P04-M02 Candles, Seamless on sides

P04-M03 Candle Wax, Dripping candle wax (make opacity all black if not wanted)

P04-M04 Chain

P04-M04 Flame

Happy Deriving!!!!

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