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Forest Furniture Room Mesh
Forest Mesh ID 4253071  Derive me!

Alright here it is, the mesh used for my Sherwood Forest room!

A few tips for this room...

-Keep your textures as small as possible, this room uses a lot of textures with opacity so it can get full very fast.

-Only use the Blending setting for the water. The tree leaves and backdrop must not use blending in order to render properly.

-Some of the textures use Vertex painting, mostly on the rocks, if you don't like the black shadows uncheck the Vertex Painting check box on those textures.

Have fun!


Here are your textures

P00-M00 Terrain, The ground in the clearings and paths

P00-M01 Road, The road and surrounding ground

P00-M02 Hills, Filler Ground Texture (seamless)

P00-M03 Rock (seamless)

P00-M05 Bridge The Bridge over the stream

P01-M03 Water, The Streams and Falls (seamless)

P02-M00 Bark, Tree Bark (seamless)

P02-M01 Posts, Supports posts for the tree platforms

P02-M02 Poles, Horizontal rails of the tree platforms

P00-M03 Tree Deck, base of the tree platforms (seamless)

P02-M04 Wood Trim, base Edge of the tree platforms (seamless on sides)

P02-M05 Thatch, Roof of the tree platforms

P03-M01 Sky, Backdrop

P03-M03 Plant1, Backdrop Tree Row (seamless on sides)

P03-M05 Canopy, A seamless leaf texture that encloses the room. (seamless)

P04-M02 Rope Bridge

P04-M03 Rope, The Rope of the Rope ladders (seamless)

P04-M04 Poles, (repeat) Rails of the Rope ladders

P05-M04 Plant2, A Tree branch with leafs texture for tree filler

Happy Deriving!!!!

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