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Pirate Tavern Furniture Meshs

A fanciful concept of a Pirate Tavern built in an old prison and modified with scavenged ship parts. This one was purely something I wanted to build for me just for fun. If it strikes your fancy I’d love to see how you’ll texture it.

Have fun!

Pirate Bar Mesh ID 6732645  Derive me!

Some barrals and some scavanged wood make up this makshift bar. Careful of the bartender though, he'll talk your ear off.

This mesh uses vertex shading for shadow effects. If you do not care for how this effects your textures just uncheck the vertex colors option on the material and your textures will render true.

Here is your texture info and UVmaps!

M00 Barrels

M01 Barrel Fronts

M02 Counter

M03 Wood Planks

M04 Wood Planks at Back

M05 Wood Arch

M06 Cabinet

M07 Ancor

M08 Shadow

M10 Tankard

M013 Rag, just use a flat image


Happy Deriving!!!!

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