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Pirate Tavern Furniture Room Mesh
Pirate Tavern Mesh ID 6679771  Derive me!

A fanciful concept of a Pirate Tavern built in an old Prison and modified with scavenged ship parts. This one was purely something I wanted to build for me just for fun. If it strikes your fancy I’d love to see how you’ll texture it.

Have fun!

This mesh uses vertex shading for shadow effects. If you do not care for how this effects your textures just uncheck the vertex colors option on the material and your textures will render true.

Here is your texture info and UVmaps!

P00-M00 Main Walls

P00-M01 Columns, Two versions on the texture map to add a bit of randomness.

P00-M02 Main Floor, Seamless

P00-M03 Cell Arch Wall

P00-M04 Inner Cell Walls, Seamless on sides

P00-M05 Small Alcove Walls, Seamless on sides

P00-M06 Arches Surrounds

P00-M07 Upper Side Rooms Wall, Seamless on sides

P00-M08 Upper Side Room Alcoves Seamless on Sides

P00-M09 Lower Room Ceilings Seamless

P00-M010 Upper Floor, Seamless

P00-M11 Upper Side Room Floors, Seamless

P00-M12 Back Room Side Walls, non tiling

P00-M13 Back Room Ceiling, non tiling

P00-M14 Main Ceiling, Seamless

P00-M15 Wood Beams, Seamless on ends

P00-M16 Side Room Ceiling, Seamless

P00-M17 Front Doors


P01-M00 Stairs

P01-M01 Stair Landing

P01-M03 Crows Nest, See Map

P01-M04 Mast, Seamless on sides

P01-M05 Cell Bars

P01-M06 Banner

P01-M07 Rail See Map

Window Elements

P02-M06 Arches (repeated texture)

P02-M09 Shutter

P03-M01 Back Wall Seamless on sides

P03-M03 Window Frame

P03-M04 Window Glass

P03-M05 Wood Trim Seamless on sides

P03-M06 Arches (repeated texture)

P03-M09 Shutter (repeated texture)


P04-M00 Backdrop Sky, Seamless on sides

P04-M01 Plant Backdrop Cutout seamless on sides

P04-M02 Ground seamless


Happy Deriving!!!!

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