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Derivable Christmas Tree
ID 1269384Derive me!

If you want ready made opacity maps and branches check out ErieHerbGarden's derivable versions of this tree!
{RS} Evergreen Tree {RS} Everwhite Tree {RS} Everpink Tree

Example of this mesh textured, Victorian Christmas Tree by Keef


IMPORTANT NOTE: This tree uses multiple layers of opacity to get its look. Only one of the textures can have blending enabled in order for this tree to render properly. Please keep that in mind when designing your tree

Texture M00 is the tree's bark


Texture M01 is the tree's branches. This is mapped as a octagon that will repeat on each tier. Recommended strongly to NOT to use blending here.


Texture M02 is a cone that wraps around the whole tree and it tiles. Included is a garland opacity map that you may use to help line things up when deriving from this tree. Please do not use it on other products. (In my versions I also added ornaments here too.) Recommended not to use blending here.


Texture M003 is the tree skirt that forms the base of the tree.


Texture M004 is the Tree Topper


Texture M005 is an Opacity layer that lays over the Branches layers for additional layer of detail. This can be ornaments, lights or a combination thereof. Recommended that this is the layer you should use blending on. On my trees I made this layer into an animated cycling textures so as to have twinkling lights effect.


Ho Ho Ho and Happy Deriving!


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